1. Ceramized Basalt Granule
    The basalt granules are colored using a very high temperature ceramization process with inorganic pigments: this guarantees permanent color stability, protects the underlaying bitumen layers from UV rays and prevents the shingles from deteriorating over time.
    All our ceramized granules are made from basalt rock, which provides greater mechanical strength.
  2. Thermo Adhesive Points
  3. Bitumen
  4. Fiberglass
  5. Bitumen
  6. Siliceous Sand


  • Wide choise of UV resistant colours, unanterable overtime
  • Excellent solutions for new and renovation projects
  • Suitable for roofs of any shape
  • Suitable for roofs of any slope (from 15° to 85°)
  • No special accessories
  • Lightweight and waterproofing solution
  • Roof covering suitable for every climate: it resists to heat and cold
  • Easy to transport, handle and install
  • Walkable roof
  • No maintenance
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Can be installed by nails or torched on bituminous membranes: detailed installation instructions here